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27 April 2015


Last weekend (25/26 April) saw the deciding races in the Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series and the Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship.


Raygun in IRC2 (Ker 32 - Mark Devereaux) and Jitterbug in the J111’s (Cornel Riklin) never dropped a podium place throughout the Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship and deservedly won their respective classes.  Ian Atkins’ swept to victory once again in the J70 class winning the class overall.


Malice in IRC3 (HOD 35 - Mike Moxley) went into the final weekend of the Championship with just a two point lead over Elaine (Elan 37 – Mike Bridges) but maintained her lead and won the class six points ahead. Conversely, last years IRC1 winner, Tokoloshe II (GP42 – Michael Bartholomew) lost out by six points to Antix (Ker 40 - Anthony O’Leary) who took first place.


In the SB20s, F5 Synthesis took the win in the Spring Series with a near-perfect set of scores.  She was pressed harder in the Spring Championship, notably by Richard Powell in GBR7378, but won by 5 points in the end.  J80 Betty (Jon Powell) also maintained her first place position to win both.


The boats were sailing in a force 3-4 south westerly on the Saturday, which veered close to due west for a time but backed once again during race three so the course did become biased for a couple of the classes but was re-aligned to the new wind direction for the remaining two.


Black Group was based near Champagne Pol Roger buoy off Lee Point in order to fully utilise the south west breeze.  Windward-leeward courses were laid using inflatable marks in the deep water to the north of the Ryde Middle bank.  The White Group was racing in its usual spot on the Meon shore.


Peter Bateson, Series Chairman “The racing has been cracking not only this weekend but through the whole Spring Series and Spring Championship. We have had more boats competing this year and it has been a pleasure to see so many regular competitiors return and to welcome the numerous newcomers.”


Whilst the Sunday (26 April) was overcast, quite chilly and the wind was back to the north/north easterly direction which has prevailed through most of the series, the competitors remained undeterred. In particular the two Singapore Sailing Federation boats; Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and their crews.


Black Group’s first race,  Class 4 started from near Wight Vodka and went up to William buoy before running all the way down to Cowes, then a couple of windward-leeward legs before the finish at a lad mark between Flying Fish and Artemis. 


The other four classes started near South Ryde Middle and beat up towards Lee-on-Solent to a laid mark between Hamble Yachts Services and Fastnet Insurance; then a series of windward-leeward legs back to Ryde Middle and the Island shore and finish in the same place as IRC4. 


White Group moved onto the Bramble Bank in an effort to avoid the large shifts associated with offshore breeze close to the shore and to take advantage of the neap tide.


The conclusion of the Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series saw Little Louise (Nigel Evans) storm home to a conclusive victory in the J70 class as did Crakajax (X-95 – Richard & Ursula Hollis) in IRC4.


Elsewhere the final battle was more closely fought with Antix winning the Spring Series in IRC1 (Ker 40 – Anthony O’Leary) with four points over Alice (Mumm 36 – Simon Henning).  In the J109’s Jagerbomb (Paul Griffiths) slipped in with a series win just two points ahead of Just So (David Mcgough).


Salvo (JND 35 - Peter Morton) took the Spring Series once again in IRC2 beating Doyle Sails (Corby 35 – Tim Octon) and in IRC 3 Malice (HOD 35 – Mike Moxley) stole the series from last year’s winners, Stiletto (Beneteau First 35 – John Barrett), with an impressive ten point lead.


The Sunday afternoon saw a packed Warsash Sailing Club with the last of the weekly champagne prizes presented, with a total of 22 bottles on offer.  The prizes were presented by top racing coach Jim Saltonstall and Michael Bartholomew’s distinctive black flyer Tokoloshe II not only collected a couple of bottles of champagne but also won the draw for the week’s Crewsaver lifejacket.


Peter concludes “We have received a lot of positive feedback from competitiors which we are really pleased about and will feed into next years Series and Championship.


“I’d like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, Brooks Macdonald, safety partner Crewsaver and race partners Rolly Tasker Sails and Hudson Wight Performance Sailwear who have supported the Spring Series and Spring Championship this year”.


The Prizegiving ceremony will take place on Friday 15 May 7.30pm at Warsash Sailing Club and all competitors are welcome.


To see the full Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship and Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series results go to:


The Warsash Spring Series is sponsored by Brooks Macdonald Group PLC, and supported by race partners Crewsaver, Hudson Wight Performance Sailwear and Rolly Tasker Sails.


Provisional Results Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series

IRC1:  Antix (Anthony O’Leary)

IRC2:  Salvo (Peter Morton – JND 35)

IRC3:  Malice (Mike Moxley – Hod 35)

IRC4:  Crakajax (Richard & Ursula Hollis)

J/109:  Jagerbomb (Paul Griffiths)

J/70:    Little Louise (Jamie Arnell)

J/80:    Betty (Jon Powell)

SB20: F5 Synthesis (Pieter Heyn)


Provisional Results Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship

IRC1:  Antix (Anthony O’Leary)

IRC2:  Raygun (Mark Devereaux)

IRC3:  Malice (Mike Moxley – Hod 35)

IRC4:  Umzingeli (Ralph Mason)

J/109:  Jacobi (Ivan Burden)

J/111:  Jitterbug: (Cornel Riklin)

J/88:    Eat, Sleep,J, Repeat (Paul Ward)

Quarter Ton:   Joint winners:  Aguila (Sam Laidlaw) and Bullitt (Louise Morton)

Sigma 38: Pavlova III (Max Walker)

J70: (Ian Atkins)

J80:    Betty (Jon Powell)

SB20: F5 Synthesis (Pieter Heyn)


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21 April 2015




164 boats racing and over 60 races laid on over the opening weekend (18/19 April) of the Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship and the Warsash Spring Series.


The Black Championship Group were racing windward-leeward courses out in the Solent, with starts based near Flying Fish buoy. 


IRC1 and IRC3 saw some close racing across both days with Antix (Ker 40 Anthony O’Leary) leading IRC1 by the end of the weekend, with last year’s Championship winners, Tokoloshe II (GP42 – Michael Bartholomew) and Alice (Mumm 36 Simon Hennng) in close second and third respectively.


Malice (Hod 35 – Mike Moxley) is leading IRC3 but Elaine (Elan 37 – Mike Bridges), in second place is just two points between them.


Aguila (1/4 Tonner - Sam Laidlaw) in IRC4 swept the board with straight wins and in IRC2 Raygun (Ker 32 - Mark Devereaux) was consistently in the top three across all the weekend’s races.


Peter Bateson, Series Chairman “It was an incredible weekend’s racing. We have more boats entered this year for the Championship which, combined with the weather has led to some really close and challenging racing this weekend”.


Saturday saw 22 knots of wind that started in the NE and gradually swung to the SE and back again by the end of the day. Sunday had a generally steadier ENE breeze of 8 to 10 knots with gusts in the low teens and the occasional drop to 5 knots.


The Black Flag had to be dusted off for Sunday’s races with the initial wind against tide pushing the normally conservative IRC4 fleet across the line; resulting in a general recall and the black flag to ensure they got away cleanly at the second attempt.


The J70’s followed and similarly were recalled and got away at the second attempt, but four boats at the pin end did pick up a disqualification. The SB20s and J80s spotted the problem and managed better.


By the start of the second race the tide was beginning to turn and with it the starts improved as boats were being pushed down the line rather than across it. A drop to just 5 knots and the wind shifting around by 30 degrees at the end of the day led to some rather tight approaches to the leeward gate as boats misjudged the strength of the tide.


In the White Championship Group Ian Atkin’s J70, looks set to repeat his winning performance from last year having gained podium places across all the weekends races bar one.


Betty’s (Jon Powell) dominance of the J88 fleet in the Spring Series extended on into the Championship with a good lead of 6 points over Mike Lewis’s Jester.  Similarly F5 Synthesis swept the board in the SB20’s with an 11 point lead over Richard Powell’s GBR 3728.


As we head into the final Sunday (26 April) of the Warsash Spring Series we see that Salvo (JND 35 - Peter Morton) in IRC 2 and Icarus (J111 Chris Body & Andrew Christie) in IRC 1 have extended their leads and Jumanji (David Mitchell), in the J70 fleet, has closed in on Little Louise’s (Nigel Evans) lead from last week.


This week’s winner of the draw for a free Crewsaver lifejacket was With Alacrity (Sigma 38, Chris Choules).


The second and concluding weekend of the Spring Championship is on 25/26 April.


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13 April 2015




A fantastic and sometimes testing day’s racing on Sunday 12 April, leaves the overall Series results very close in IRC 1 and 2.


Icarus in IRC 1 (J111 Chris Body & Andrew Christie) and last year’s IRC 2 winners Salvo (JND 35 Peter Morton) may be leading their classes, but only by a narrow two point lead. Sailing Logic’s Arthur Logic (Beneteau First 40) and James Willkie’s Fast Tack Puma (Reflex 38) are hot on their heels with two Sunday’s of racing to go.


On the other end of the scale Little Louise (Nigel Evans) racing in the J70 class is looking comfortable with a nine point lead over Jumanji (David Mitchell). In the J80’s Betty (John Powell) is sitting on a six point lead over Boysterous (Ali Hall) and F5 Synthesiser (Pieter Heyn) further consolidated its ten point lead in the SB20’s with another race win.


Competitors welcomed the consistent 15-22 knots of south to south westerly breeze and brilliant sunshine particularly since the third Sunday of the series had been cancelled due to the heavy conditions It was a .


Peter Knight, Race Officer White Group “It was certainly a day of exciting sailing; although slightly alarming when we spotted one J70 heading straight into the shore with its spinnaker flying – that set some hearts racing on the committee boat!


“We had to change the course for the last race because the wind veered round to the right. A lot of the boats were being pushed sideways by the tide on the run and so they had to drop spinnakers early and fetch up to the leeward mark”.


The Black Group start was set just west of East Bramble buoy, with courses of 12 – 15 miles set as a series of beats to Norris and Royal London YC buoys close to Cowes, with runs and deep spinnaker reaches from there down to Lee-on-the Solent, using a mix of fixed marks and laid inflatables for the different classes.


Celebrating their first race wins of the Series were Pincer Movement (JPK1010 – Richard & Lucy Searle) in IRC 3, Xara (Swan 38SR – Jonathan Rolls)) in IRC 4 and Jolly Jack Tar (Joe Henry) in the J109’s. Last year’s IRC 3 winner Stiletto (Beneteau First 35) began to recover some of the last years winning form with a 2nd place.


This week’s Crewsaver lifejacket draw was won by Olly Straker from IRC 4 boat Saellan Vaerre. The series prizes were presented by Jonathan Broad from sponsor Brooks Macdonald.


The event hots up even more for the  final 2 weekends 18-19 and 25-26 April with the Brooks Macdonald Crewsaver Spring Championship (already over 100 entries) running alongside the Spring Series.  Last minute entries are welcome to join in.


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23 March 2015



Sunday 22 March was a day that had the race team on their toes and competitors sailing backwards. The wind shifted from the forecast ENE, died and came back, and the big spring tides raced through the Solent - all making for some frustrating racing!


White Group’s first and only race started with competitors being pushed across the line by 2 knots of tide and ended with them being pushed away from the line as they tried to finish the race!


An attempt to get the J70’s second race started ended with competitors not even being able to reach the start line – at which point the White Group race team declared the bar was open and racing was unfortunately finished!


Just4Play (Simon Cavey) narrowly won in the J70 fleet, beating (Ian Atkins) to second place with Cosmic (Patrick Liardet) in third. A close finish also in the SB20’s saw F5 Synthesiser (Pieter Heyn) beat Captain Pugwash (George Barker) for first place.


In the J80’s the first three boats were a good minute ahead of the rest of the fleet with Boysterous (Ali Hall) taking first place, Betty (Jon Powell) in second and Swallow (Romain Patemot) in third.


For the Black Group tidal tactics were definitely the name of the game.


Racing a series of windward-leeward legs between Wight Vodka and the Hill Head/Lee-on-Solent shore helped keep the boats mainly on the Hill Head plateau and East Knoll bank areas and so out of the strongest current of the big spring tides. However, by the second half of the race the breeze had died away to little or nothing for a very frustrating 1.5 hours or more. By the time it did fill in again it had shifted to the SE making the remaining legs of the race rather processional.


Series Chairman Peter Bateson:  “It was great that nearly three-quarters of the boats kept going and persevered to the finish, which we had been shortened 2.5 miles early at Hill Head buoy”.


Winners in the Black Group were Icarus (J111 – Chris Body & Andrew Christie) in IRC1, Salvo (JND - 35 Peter Morton) in IRC2, Malice (Hod 35 – Mike Moxley) once again in IRC3 and Xtract (X302 Dudley Stock) in IRC4.


After a frustrating day on the water competitors headed back to the Warsash Sailing Club where Tiffany Beard from Brooks Macdonald presented the champagne prizes of the day for each of the class winners. There were two draws for the free Crewsaver Crewfit Lifejackets which went to George Barker (Captain Pugwash) and Tim Octon (Doyle Sails).


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16 March 2015



Competitors in the opening races of the Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series were undeterred by the heavy grey sky and chilly wind in the Solent on Sunday 15 March 2015.


12-18 knots of breeze, with just the occasional 20 knot gust, from the ENE throughout the day provided a good breeze for competitors. The wind tracking showed a 20 degree shift cycle coming off the Meon shore which took about an hour to go from left to right, and back to left again, thereby favouring the right hand side of the courses set for the day.


Black Group race starts were mostly held just east of the Brambles in the middle of the Solent, with White Group starts taking place off Titchfield Haven near Wulson Covers buoy.


Series Chairman Peter Bateson commented at the end of racing, “It was a good first day of the series all round. The racing did show some early season hiccups, particularly on the downwind legs, with one spinnaker becoming a luff tape joining two corners and a few failing to come down promptly at the leeward mark! But that’s all to be expected at the start of the season!”


Dominance was the name of the game for the White Group’s J80 and SB20 classes, with Betty (J80 - Jon Powell) taking first place in the J80 class and F5 Synthesis (Pieter Heyn) first in the SB20 class in all three of their races, with Just4Play (Simon Cavey) gaining two out of the three wins in the J70 class.


Enthusiasm fused through the Black Group with some ‘over’ enthusiasm leading to an individual recall and penalty in IRC4. Crakajax (X-95 – Richard and Ursula Hollis) took the win in this class, followed by Erik the Red (Mustang 30 mk2 – Bernard Fyans) and then Menace (Keltic 25 ¼ tonner – Tim Rees and Derek Morland)


Mike Moxley’s Malice (Hod 35)) took the honours in IRC3 with Pincer Movement (JPK1010 – Richard and Lucy Searle) and Stiletto (Beneteau First 40 – John Barrett) coming second and third place respectively.


In IRC2, last year’s Series winner Salvo, (JND35 – Peter Morton), looking smart in her new grey livery, came out on top with a useful two minute winning margin. Fast Track Puma (Reflex 38 – James Wilkie) and Doyle Sails (Corby 35 – Tim Octon) came in second and third respectively.


In IRC 1 Simon Henning’s newly refurbished Mumm 36 Alice took first place, beating Cornel Riklin’s J111 Jitterbug to second, with Sailing Logic’s Arthur Logic, a Beneteau First 40 coming in third.


Looking ahead to next weekend Peter’s thoughts are: “Next Sunday we’ve got big tides to contend with so we’ll be looking for the same kind of breeze as we had today but a few degrees warmer would be nice!”


Post racing competitors came together at the WSC’s clubhouse and enjoyed a warming drink thanks to race partners Rolly Tasker Sails.  Greg O’Brien of race partners Crewsaver presented the champagne prizes of the day for each of the eight classes. The draw for the free Crewsaver Crewfit Lifejacket was Malice (Mike Moxley) who also collected a bottle of champagne as winners of IRC3.


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11 December 2014



Warsash Sailing Club (WSC) has announced the dates for the 2015 Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series and the Spring Championship.


Six Sundays are earmarked for the Series, with starts from 10am in the central Solent. These are Sunday 15, 22, 29 March and 12, 19, 26 April 2015 with a week’s break over Easter.


Classes offered include four IRC divisions, J/109, J/70, SB20 and J/80. For Black Group there will be one race a day around the cans for the first four Sundays, then two races a day on the last two dates. White Group sportsboats will enjoy three races on laid courses each week.


The Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Championship offers racing within a more compressed time scale on Saturday and Sunday 18/19 April and 25/26 April 2015. All classes included in the Spring Series can enter, and in addition there is a mixed Sportsboat class.  Extracted results will be given for J/111, Sigma 38, Quarter Ton classes and – for the first time this year – the rapidly growing J/88 class.


Series Chairman, Peter Bateson said:  “We are looking forward to welcoming everyone next year for what should be another series of exciting racing out on the Solent. Our 110-strong experienced race management team will be aiming as always to provide first-class, well-run racing afloat and a friendly welcome ashore with good value for money for competitors”.


To enter, go to where you will find the provisional Notice of Race and other details. Entries made before 20 February will enjoy a reduced entry fee. Enquiries regarding the event can be made to  


The Brooks Macdonald Warsash Spring Series is supported by race partners Rolly Tasker Sails and Hudson Wight Performance Sailwear, and sponsored by the Brooks Macdonald Group.


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