Warsash Spring Series Crew Register

This crew register adds Crews and Owners to a database.

When any one is added to the database they are sent an email asking for confirmation. When they reply they are sent an email listing all the crew or owners who have confirmed their entries. Crew are sent the Owners, and Owners are sent the Crew.

Two special points. We can only store about 250 characters of experience for crew, so please keep your life history brief. Special quirks in processing mean that we cannot accept the apostrophe (') in any of the inputs. Boat names like "William's Folly" are particularly problematic.

The contact telephone may be left blank and should only be completed if you are willing to accept calls from potential crew or owners.

If your spam filter prevents you from getting email, then you won't be able to confirm your entry on the database, and the whole exercise will be pointless.

Click on the appropriate heading to show the form.

By completing the form you accept these conditions.

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Crew Available